March 03, 2023
Encryption , Cybersecurity , Multifactor Encryption , Data Exfiltration

From Checkbox to Checkmate: Protecting Critical Data With Multifactor Encryption

Atakama expert opinion, as seen in Brilliance Security Magazine

Data breach headlines arrive fast and furious, with examples aplenty. The constant assault on companies is well known – the attack surface continues to expand, and sophisticated attacks are becoming more common. So, when state and independent actors continuously change and increase their attack capabilities, why do security professionals maintain the status quo and remain content with “check-box” security measures?

Exfiltration attacks are especially concerning. When sensitive data is stolen, there is no putting the genie back in the bottle, no matter how high the ransom payment is or how many times the ransom is paid. Once the data is exposed, it’s out in the wild forever. This is no exaggeration, as we’ve seen numerous breaches that resulted in exfiltrated data, including NvidiaRR Donnelly, and Medibank. Attackers make a living on this premise, which is precisely why they have evolved their tactics from encrypting files to flat-out stealing them; it’s a more lucrative endeavor, and the pain they exert on companies is far more debilitating. Read more

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