March 15, 2023
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Atakama Unveils Multifactor Encryption Platform Featuring New Intelligence Center

Expanded platform couples unrivaled data protection with business intelligence for reporting requirements, compliance, operational decision-making, and anomaly threat detection

NEW YORK, USA – March 15, 2023 Atakama, the pioneer in multifactor encryption, enabling unrivaled data protection through distributed cryptographic key management, today announced its new Multifactor Encryption platform, Atakama Enterprise, featuring the Atakama Intelligence Center

Atakama’s Multifactor Encryption combines advanced Distributed Key Management (DKM) with the proven concept of multi-device authentication for a progressive security solution that challenges the status quo of conventional data protection. 

The introduction of Atakama Enterprise unlocks a new level of organization-wide protection, control, and visibility of unstructured data secured by Atakama.  

Atakama Enterprise is comprised of five core solutions:

 Multifactor Encryption enables unrivaled data protection through distributed cryptographic key management. Atakama’s unique approach to DKM leverages threshold cryptography to split encryption keys and disseminate the key shards among multiple devices. Successful file decryption occurs only when the authenticated devices reconstitute the key. Protecting sensitive files from exfiltration, even in the face of a data breach.

Intelligence Center provides a clear view of where encrypted data is located, who has access to it, and how it is being accessed.  This unified view provides critical insights into the encrypted data landscape for business-level reporting, compliance monitoring and reporting, and anomaly threat detection. These capabilities enable an indelible audit trail and granular data analysis to fuel a data-centric security posture.

Secure File Transfer allows organizations to maintain complete security and control over files when sharing with third parties. Secure File Transfer, with end-to-end multifactor encryption, eliminates passwords and cumbersome file transfer portals. As a result, employees can easily share information without compromising security standards.

Encrypted Search allows users to quickly find what they are looking for without decrypting sensitive files or the need to maintain an unencrypted search index exposing sensitive data, enabling user productivity without sacrificing security. 

Data Discovery and Classification Integration introduces the automated process of encrypting sensitive data that has been discovered and appropriately classified. This seamless process leverages automated processes optimized to protect sensitive data against unauthorized access and data exfiltration.

“Atakama Enterprise, featuring the Intelligence Center, strengthens its position as the de facto security solution for safeguarding sensitive data and preventing data exfiltration,” said Daniel H. Gallancy, CEO and co-founder of Atakama. “Conventional encryption solutions and perimeter security defenses continue to falter in the face of a data breach or malicious intent, which is why a data-centric approach to protecting your most valuable assets begins with Atakama’s multifactor encryption.”

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