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Browser Security

Beyond the Perimeter: The Critical Role of Browser Security for MSPs

As organizations increasingly rely on remote work and SaaS applications, the browser has become the primary conduit for accessing critical data and services. However, despite the robust security

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Browser Security

The Rising Threat of Ransomware via Browser Uploads

In today's digital landscape, where web browsers have evolved into powerful platforms for various tasks, the threat of ransomware lurks in unexpected corners. You might be wary of clicking on

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Addressing the Browser Visibility Blind Spot: A Critical Opportunity for MSPs

The surge in remote work has accelerated the adoption of cloud and SaaS-based solutions, emphasizing the need for greater flexibility and productivity. This paradigm shift has made the browser a

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Beyond Devices: The Critical Importance of Browser Security

In today's ever-changing business environment, Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) are relying more on web applications and browsers as their main gateway to their daily work. With this

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Raising the Bar on Cyber Defense

Why Companies Must Take Immediate Action to Safeguard Client Data Companies need to take immediate action to implement a layered defense to safeguard sensitive data. CISOs are already under immense

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Regulatory Compliance

Evolving Cyber Regulations: Simplify Your Approach to Patchwork Regulations

Corporations have been undergoing the digital transformation process for years. Then COVID hit and created an urgency for digital and cloud infrastructure. As a result, many businesses have advanced

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Atakama Unveils Multifactor Encryption Platform Featuring New Intelligence Center

Expanded platform couples unrivaled data protection with business intelligence for reporting requirements, compliance, operational decision-making, and anomaly threat detection NEW YORK, USA – March

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Partnership Announcement

Atakama Partners with Panzura to Deliver End-to-End Data Management and Protection

Best-in-Class Multifactor Encryption Paired with Leading File Management System Creates Unmatched Data Control, Visibility, and Security March 8, 2023, NEW YORK – Atakama, the pioneer in multifactor

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From Checkbox to Checkmate: Protecting Critical Data With Multifactor Encryption

Atakama expert opinion, as seen in Brilliance Security Magazine Data breach headlines arrive fast and furious, with examples aplenty. The constant assault on companies is well known – the attack

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US Marshals Service Breached by Ransomware Attack

Atakama expert opinion, as seen in TechNewsWorld Despite a fall off in ransomware attacks since last year, the U.S. Marshals Service on Monday disclosed that it suffered a “major” breach of its

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Now is the Winter of our Cyber Discontent

Using Multifactor Encryption to Protect Against Data Exfiltration

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The CISO Pressure Cooker

Evolution of the Role Leaves CISOs on the Hook and Still Fighting for a Seat at the Table

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