September 01, 2020

Special Announcement: Atakama Releases Encrypted File Transfer

Atakama has released its newest feature, Encrypted File Transfer, which allows users to send encrypted files to third parties!

Emailing files to third parties is essential for every business. But when sensitive files are sent outside the organization, the confidential information is exposed to risk. 

The new Encrypted File Transfer feature enables users to securely send documents to third parties, but without the risk of information falling into the wrong hands, the need to have to password protect files, or any other clumsy user experience.

How does it work? A few simple steps:

  1. Right click on the encrypted file(s) to auto-generate a secure URL.
  2. Send the URL to the intended recipient by email or any other communication method.
  3. The recipient opens the URL in a browser.
  4. The sender is notified that the recipient is ready to download the file.
  5. The sender uses the Atakama Mobile app to approve the release of the file, which the recipient can now download in their browser.

This new feature for encryption of data-in-transit supplements Atakama's existing data-at-rest solution.

To learn more about this exciting new feature, please join us on Thursday, September 10th at 12pm ET, for a special live demo that will showcase this amazing new feature! Space is limited. Use this link to reserve your registration for the live demo before space runs out. 

For more information on our newest feature, visit

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